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Frequently Asked Questions


Are there installation instructions?

Yes, click this link to view them: Installation Instructions


I don't see my vehicle's application. Can you build brackets for my vehicle?

In order to build our seat brackets we need to physically have the vehicle in our development center to use as a model. If you are located near us in Kirkland, WA we'd be happy to schedule a time to bring your vehicle in. Please call us at 425-747-9777 to make an appointment. If you are not located near us the best thing to do is spread the word online via Facebook, forums, etc to try and refer someone our way locally.


Planted vs. the competition?

Planted brackets are stronger! They are made from 3/16th inch steel making the welds stronger and more durable. The Planted bracket will not bend or warp with heat whereas other brackets can be bent by hand.


Do Planted seat brackets work with OEM seats?

Most of the time the answer is no, although there are a few exceptions like the Recaro Evo 8 OEM seats. Most OEM seats are made specifically for the vehicle they came in and do not have universal mounting holes to match up with aftermarket components. Many times the OEM brackets are permanently attached to the seat so removing them and creating new mounts requires custom fabrication. Most of the time people find that an aftermarket seat and components is much easier and cost effective.


Which aftermarket seats work with Planted seat brackets and what makes them so easy to use?

Planted brackets are more versatile with predrilled slots for sliders from most major aftermarket seat manufacturers like Braum, Bride*, Cipher Auto**, Cobra***, Corbeau, Momo, NRG, OMP, Racetech, Recaro, Sabelt, Schee-Mann****, Sparco, Status, Takata, etc. There is also space on the bracket for drilling holes for direct mounting when the driver wishes to eliminate sliders altogether.

*Bride sliders are generally made to be vehicle specific so need to have the "feet" removed to make them "universal." Bride sliders typically require drilling a new hole pattern into the Planted Seat Bracket because they come in many different widths.

**Cipher Auto's suspension seats require a specific slider (part number CPA9001SLR) that is not compatible with the bolt patterns on our bracket so drilling your own holes will be required.

***Cobra sliders come in Narrow and Wide versions. The Wide version will require our "Alternate (Cobra/Scheel-Mann)" bolt pattern (choose on product page). The Narrow version's bolt pattern is included on both the Standard and Alternate bolt pattern seat brackets. 

****Scheel-Mann sliders require our "Alternate (Cobra/Scheel-Mann)" bolt pattern (choose on product page).


Where are Planted products made?

In the good ol’ USA. In fact, Planted is a local family owned company and the products are manufactured in the Northwest so they are readily available to be shipped worldwide. By purchasing Planted you're helping local business and the economy. It’s a win-win!


Why is my airbag light on after my seat installation?

Aftermarket seats do not have airbags in them and therefore an airbag light will come on because the vehicle is no longer receiving the signal from the airbag. You may be able to eliminate the airbag light utilizing a resistor. Each vehicle may require a different ohm resistor so do your research to determine the correct one to use in your vehicle.


My seat is too wide and my door won't close. What should I do?

Some seats may be too wide for certain vehicles. However, if you have a reclinable seat you may be able to remove the inner adjustment knob/lever to create more room to move the seat toward the transmission tunnel. If you are installing a fiberglass shell seat you may be able to remove the seat cover and shave the outer shoulder bolster down slightly to create the needed room. In either case you may also be able to drill holes in the seat bracket to position the seat closer to the tunnel and create the extra needed room.


After install my seating position is too high. What should I do?

We build each bracket to be as low as we can while still leaving room for installation hardware and ensuring a bolt in seat bracket that requires no modification of the vehicle. One way to eliminate excess height is to remove the sliders and fix mount the seat. Sliders add around 3/4 inches in height. You may also want to consider a lower profile seat. Keep in mind that some vehicles simply have less head room then others and may require a custom seat installation.


Why don't the holes on my Planted side mounts line up with the holes on the Planted seat bracket?

They aren't supposed to. Planted Side Mounts and Planted Seat Brackets are designed to have seat sliders between them. Without sliders between them the holes won't line up. If you plan to fix mount your seat without sliders there is plenty or room on the bracket to drill your own holes to create the needed hole pattern. You'll want to set the seat with side mount attached onto the bracket in the vehicle and find your desired driving position. Have a friend mark the position with a pencil. Remove the seat and drill your holes. Then complete the installation.


Will your seat brackets work in my right hand drive (RHD) model or other model from outside the US?

Usually the answer is yes. All of our brackets are made in the US based on Left Hand Drive models (unless stated otherwise). We have not verified all RHD or other international models so it's always best to verify with us before ordering. Most of the time our seat brackets will fit just fine, even in RHD models as long as the model is the same in the US as your country. RHD models usually have no change to the seat mounting holes. However, what we call a "Driver / Left" bracket would be for the passenger / left side of a RHD vehicle and our "Passenger / Right" bracket would be for the driver / right of a RHD vehicle. There are some exceptions of course. For instance, some Acura / Honda models manufactured in Canada have different floors then the corresponding US models due to different safety requirements in each country. If you aren't sure simply contact us and provide us with images and dimensions from your vehicle's floor and we'll compare to our brackets and determine if they are the same before you order.

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